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    The Origin of the Mess in Washington

    The Redskins are 1-5, and the whole team is a disaster right now.  But the big story has been the situation at quarterback, a neverending source of drama...

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    Salary Caps are Garbage

    On the heels of recent comments by Lebron James and Kobe Bryant that the owners better not cry poormouth in the next CBA negotiation after signing a new...

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    HWT-18 – The Rock Returns and DDP Interview

    We start the episode out with the return of the great one, The Rock. And from there we spend some great time with the former WCW superstar, Diamond...

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    Always Take the Money

    One of the subplots to this NFL season has been the struggles of the New England Patriots and the rumblings behind the scenes of a possible rift between...

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Tiger Woods to miss U.S. Open

  Unfortunately for Tiger Woods, the downward spiral since his 2009 sex scandal continues. It is being reported that he will...